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EuroMilano  S.p.A. has been a land and real estate redevelopment company since 1986, which over the years has become highly experienced in the control and management of land redevelopment projects from planning right through to construction. Through assets and property management EuroMilano takes part in large scale land redevelopment schemes and requalification of abandoned historical metropolitan areas.


EuroMilano upgrades urban areas and improves the quality of life in line with the highest European standards of urban planning.

Its aim is to make cities more livable places by providing high quality housing, full services, efficient transport systems, complete person safety while safeguarding the environment.



Privacy Policy

EUROMILANO will not disclose, rent, sell or otherwise divulge the personal data received from the website.

EuroMilano S.p.A
Sede legale: v. Eritrea, 48/8 - 20157 Milano


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